Khalil Al Manji (Muscat, Oman) Interpolation in a half-plane in a space of functions of finite order
Maryam Alrashed (Ardeyah, Kuwait) Hypercontractivity of Noncommutative Hamilton-Jacobi Equation
Anna Anop (Kiev, Ukraine) About general elliptic problems for homogeneous equations in Hörmander spaces
Tamara Antonova (Lviv, Ukraine) On correspondence of ratios for hypergeometric functions of several variables to their expansions into branched continued fractions
Alexander Aplakov (Tbilisi, Georgia) On the Absolute Convergence of the Series of Fourier Coefficients
Yury Arlinskii (Stuttgart, Germany) Transformations of Nevanlinna operator-functions and their fixed points
Antoni Augustynowicz (Gdańsk, Poland) Differential equations with separated variables on time scales.
Lydia Außenhofer (Passau, Germany) On compatible topologies on LCA groups
Winfried Auzinger (Vienna, Austria) Construction and investigation of discrete Chebyshev polynomials
Didem Aydin Ari (Kırıkkale, Turkey) Some approximation results of Szasz type operators including special functions
Alexander Balinsky (Cardiff, United Kingdom) The Analysis and Geometry of Hardy's Inequality and Applications
Taras Banakh (Lviv, Ukraine) A quantitative generalization of Prodanov-Stoyanov Theorem on minimal Abeian topological groups
Andriy Bandura (Ivano-Frankivsk, ) Analytic in a ball functions of bounded L-index in joint variables
Yaroslav Baranetskij (Lviv, Ukraine) The boundary value problem for the differential-operator equation of the order 2n with involution.
Serhii Bardyla (Lviv, Ukraine) Topological graph inverse semigroups
Yuliia Basiuk (Lviv, Ukraine) Entire functions of zero order with v - density of zeros on logarithmic spirals
Piotr Bies (Warsaw, Poland) Linear parabolic equations in variable Hölder spaces
Oksana Bihun (Colorado Springs, USA) Isospectral Matrices and Zeros of Orthogonal Polynomials
Denis Blackmore (Newark, United States of America) The classical M.A. Buhl problem, its Pfeiffer-Sato solutions and the Lagrange-d'Alembert principle for integrable heavenly nonlinear equations
Maciej Błaszak (Poznań, Poland) Non-homogeneous hydrodynamic systems and quasi-Stackel Hamiltonians
Bogdan Bokalo (Lviv, Ukraine) On scatteredly continuous functions
Marek Bożejko (Wrocław, Poland) Genralized Gaussian Processes with applications to Noncommutative Functional Analysis (Operator spaces).
Viktoriia Brydun (Lviv, Ukraine) Max-min measures on compact Hausdorff spaces
Teodor Bulboaca (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) Sandwich Results for p-Valent Meromorphic Functions Associated with Hurwitz-Lerech Zeta Function
Stanislav Chaichenko (Slovyansk, Ukraine) Approximation by analogue of Zygmund sums in Lebesgue spaces with variable exponent
Asylbek Chekeev (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic) TBA
Evhen Cheremnikh (Lviv, Ukraine) Branching of resolvent
Iryna Chernega (Lviv, Ukraine) Symmetric analytic functions of unbounded type on Banach spaces
Jacek Chmieliński (Kraków, Poland) Linear operators reversing orthogonality in normed spaces
Oleksandr Chvartatskyi (Göttingen, Germany) Self-Consistent Sources for Integrable Equations via Deformations of Binary Darboux Transformations
Igor Chyzhykov (Lviv, Ukraine) Non-regular solutions of complex differential equations in the unit disc
Jan Cieśliński (Białystok, Poland) On integrable discretizations of pseudospherical surfaces
Robert Conte (Cachan, France) Bonnet surfaces and matrix Lax pairs of Painlevé VI.
Nadiia Derevianko (Kyiv, Ukraine) Application of wavelet basis expansions to description of some classes of smooth functions
Volodymyr Derkach (Kyiv, Ukraine) Extension theory and generalized boundary triples
Volodymyr Dilnyi (Drohobych, Ukraine) Solvability criterion for the convolution equation in half-strip
Svetlana Dimitrova-Burlayenko (Kharkiv, Ukraine) The coincidence of scalar and strong almost periodicity for uniformly continuous functions in Banach spaces not containing c0
Markiyan Dobushovskyy (Lviv, Ukraine) Analogues of Whittaker's Theorem for Laplace-Stiltjes Integrals
Adam Doliwa (Olsztyn, Poland) Integrable discrete systems with sources
Ziemowit Domanski (Poznan, Poland) Quantization on the cotangent bundle of a Lie group
Tomasz Downarowicz (Galowice, Poland) Realizing faces of simplexes of invariant measures of dynamical systems as full simplexes of invariant measures of dynamical systems
Ivanna Dronyuk (Lviv, Ukraine) Ateb-transforms and Generalized Shift Operators
Jacek Dziok (Rzeszow, Poland) Classes of harmonic functions defined by subordination
Ahmed Eldeeb (Nasr, Egypt) On some dynamic inequalities on time scales
Mark Elin (Karmiel, Israel) Linearization of holomorphic semicocycles
Ceren Sultan Elmalı (erzurum, Turkey) A work on the Knot digraphs and its bitopologies
Sevgi Esen Almali (Kirikkale, Turkey) On Convergence of Nonlinear Integral Operators at Lebesque Point
Serhii Favorov (Kharkiv, Ukraine) Large Fourier Quasicrystals
Ivan Feshchenko (Kyiv, Ukraine) When is the sum of complemented subspaces complemented?
Volodymyr Flyud (Lviv, Ukraine) Boundary Value Problem For Singularly Perturbed Parabolic Equation of the Second Order on Graphs
Olena Fotiy (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) On the continuity on differentiable curves
Maria Frei (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) "Some remarks on operators of stochastic differentiation in the Levy white noise analysis"
Igor Gapyak (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Viktor Gerasimenko (Kyiv, Ukraine) The Boltzmann–Grad asymptotic behavior of observables of hard sphere fluids
Ushangi Goginava (Tbilisi, Georgia) Strong Summability of Double Fourier Series
Omer Gok (Istanbul, Turkey) A note on the triadjoint of biorthomorphisms
Anatoly Golberg (Holon, Israel) Mappings with integrally controlled p-moduli
Leonid Golinskii (Kharkiv, Ukraine) On a local Darlington synthesis problem
Yuriy Golovaty (Lviv, Ukraine) Schroedinger operators with singular rank-two perturbations
Anna Goncharuk (Kharkiv, Ukraine) The generalized backward shift operator on Z[[x]], Cramer's formulas for solving infinite linear systems, and p-adic integers
Nataliia Gorban (Kyiv, Ukraine) On trajectory and global attractors for non-autonomous reaction-diffusion equations with Caratheodory’s nonlinearity
Andrii Goriunov (Kyiv, Ukraine) On convergence and coapproximation of Sturm-Liouville operators
Vasyl Gorodetskyy (Chernivtsi , Ukraine ) Operators of generalized differentiation of infinite order in spaces of type S
Uğur Gül (Ankara, Türkiye) An invertibility criterion in a C*-algebra acting on the Hardy space with applications to Composition Operators
Anna Gumenchuk (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) A remark on the sum of a narrow and a finite rank orthogonally additive operators
Oleg Gutik (Lviv, Ukraine) On feebly compact semitopological symmetric inverse semigroups of a bounded finite rank
Kazem Haghnejad Azar (Ardabil, Iran) KB-operators and WKB-operators on Banach lattices
Svitlana Halushchak (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) Spectra of algebras of entire functions, generated by the sequence of polynomials on a Banach space
Oksana Hentosh (Lviv, Ukraine) The Lax-Sato integrable heavenly equations on functional manifolds and supermanifolds and their Lie-algebraic structure
Tetiana Hishchak (Drohobych, Ukraine) On the intersection of weighted Hardy spaces
Oleh Holubchak (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) Symmetric fractional mappings on Banach spaces
Monika Homa (Rzeszów, Poland) Reconstruction of singular quantum trees from spectral data
Natalka Hoyenko (Lviv, Ukraine) On correspondence of ratios for hypergeometric functions of several variables to their expansions into branched continued fractions
Olena Hryniv (Lviv, Ukraine) A new metric on the hyperspace of finite sets of a metric space
Khrystyna Huk (Drohobych, Ukraine) On decomposition in the Paley-Wiener space.
Volodymyr Ilkiv (Lviv, Ukraine) Solvability conditions of nonlocal boundary value problem for the differential-operator equation with weak nonlinearity
Daniyal Israfilov (Balikesir, Turkey) Trigonometric Approximation in grand Lebesgue spaces
Eliza Jabłońska (Rzeszów, Poland) Some analogies between Haar meager sets and Haar null sets
Fiana Jacobzon (Karmiel, Israel) Differentiability of semicocycles in Banach spaces
Volodymyr Kadets (Kharkiv, Ukraine) Read's solution of finite-codimensional proximinal subspace problem: properties, simplifications and extensions
Petro Kalenyuk (Lviv, Ukraine) The boundary value problem for the differential-operator equation of the order 2n with involution
Alan Kamuda (Krakow, Poland) Towards theory of Frame in Krein Spaces
Ibrahim Karahan (Erzurum, Turkey) On convergence of SP itration scheme in hyperbolic space
Olena Karlova (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) Homotopic Baire classes
Iryna Karpenko (Kharkiv, Ukraine) On the estimations for the distribution of holomorphic function in the unit disk
Olena Karupu (Kyiv, Ukraine) On some properties of local moduli of smoothness of conformal mapping
Tumar Kasymova (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic) TBA
Ruslan Khats' (Drohobych, Ukraine) Regularity of growth of the logarithms of entire functions of improved regular growth in the metric of Lp[0,2π]
Zaza Khechinashvili (Tbilisi, Georgia) Financial model with disorder moment and mean square optimal hedging
Olha Khomenko (Kyiv, Ukraine) On Strong Global Attractor of the 3D Navier-Stokes Equations in an Unbounded domain of Channel Type
Andriy Khrystiyanyn (Lviv, Ukraine) Quasi-elliptic functions
Michał Kisielewicz (Zielona Góra, Poland) Stochastic differential inclusions and their applications
Ivan Klevchuk (Chernivtsi , Ukraine) Existence and stability of traveling waves in parabolic systems with small diffusion
Lukasz Kosinski (Krakow, Poland) Extension property
Tomasz Kostrzewa (Warsaw, Poland) Equivalent definitions of Sobolev spaces on LCA Groups
Ivan Kovalyov (Kiev, Ukraine) A truncated indefinite Stieltjes moment problem
Rostyslav Kozhan (Uppsala, Sweden) Finite rank perturbations of finite gap Jacobi and CMV operators
Irina Kozlova (Sumy, Ukraine) The functions of completely regular growth in the half-plane
Iryna Krokhtiak (Lviv, Ukraine) Trace Formula for Discrete Schrodinger Operators
Grzegorz Kuduk (Rzeszów, Poland) The structure of rationally factorized Lax type flows and their analytical integrability
Dozyslav Kuryliak (Lviv, Ukraine) The Eigenvalues of Laplace Operator with Dirichlet-type Boundary Conditions for Sphere-Conical Resonator Connected with Continuum through the Circular Hole
Andriy Kuryliak (Lviv, Ukraine) Subnormal independent random variables and Levy’s phenomenon for entire functions
Iryna Kuz (Lviv, Ukraine) On asymptotic sublogarithmic dimension
Iryna Kuznietsova (Kyiv, Ukraine) Homotopy properties of Morse functions on the Mobius strip
Zbigniew Lipecki (Wroclaw, Poland) Order intervals in Banach lattices, a condition of Lozanowskij, and a Lyapunov type convexity theorem
Valerii Los (Kyiv, Ukraine) On General Parabolic Problems in Hormander Spaces
Vira Lozynska (Lviv, Ukraine) On polinomial ω-ultradistributions
Dzvenyslava Lukivska (Lviv, Ukraine) Quasi-elliptic functions
Elena Luna-Elizarraras (Holon, Israel) On hyperbolic–valued norm in bicomplex analysis
Volodymyr Lyubashenko (Kyiv, Ukraine) The monad of free restricted Lie algebras
Andrzej J. Maciejewski (Zielona Góra, Poland) Bi-homogeneity and integrability of rational potentials
Jean-Pierre Magnot (Orcines, France) Differential geometry and well-posedness of the KP hierarchy
Sergiy Maksymenko (Kyiv, Ukraine) Deformations of functions on surfaces by area preserving diffeomorphisms
Dmitry Malinin (Kingston, Jamaica) On the Shafarevich-Tate group of elliptic curves over the rationals
Konstantin Malyutin (Kursk, Russian) The functions of completely regular growth in the half-plane
Vitalii Marchenko (Kharkiv, Ukraine) Stability of Schauder decompositions
Vita Markitan (Kyiv, Ukraine) Positive Series whose Partial Sumsets are Cantorvals
Tonya Markysh (Zhytomir, Ukraine) On equicontinuity of some class of mappings, which are quasiconformal in the mean
Tetiana Martyniuk (Lviv, Ukraine) S-dimension is equal to Hölder dimension in Peano continua
Olha Martynyuk (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) Operators of generalized differentiation of infinite order in spaces of type S
Oksana Marunkevych (Kyiv, Ukraine) Topological Stability of the Averages of Functions
Michal Marvan (Opava, Czech Republic) On the constant astigmatism equation
Oleksandr Maslyuchenko (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) The cluster sets of quasi-locally stable functions
Volodymyr Maslyuchenko (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) Separately continuous mappings with non-metrizable range
Nataliia Mazurenko (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) Invariant idempotent measures in topological spaces
Michael Megrelishvili (Ramat-Gan, Israel) Banach representations of topological groups and dynamical systems
Vasyl Melnyk (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) On the intermediate separately continuous function
Mariusz Michta (Zielona Góra, Poland) Decomposable sets and set-valued Ito's integral
Vladimir Mikhailets (Kyiv, Ukraine) On Hörmander spaces and interpolation
Taras Mokrytskyi (Lviv, Ukraine) On the semigroup of order isomorphisms of principal filters of a power of the integers
Volodymyr Molyboga (Kyiv, Ukraine) Spectral properties of Hill-Schrödinger operators with distributional potentials
Mariana Mostova (Lviv, Ukraine) Sufficient conditions for the existence of an angular v-density of zeros for entire functions in terms of the characteristics of its logarithmic derivative
Marcin Moszyński (Warsaw, Poland) Block-Jacobi operators: the spectrum and asymptotic properties of generalized eigenvectors
Jerzy Motyl (Zielona Góra, Poland) Order convex selections of multifunctions and their applications
Zoryana Mozhyrovska (Lviv, Ukraine) Hypercyclic translation operator on spaces of analytic functions
Volodymyr Mykhaylyuk (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) Namioka spaces and o-game
Yaroslav Mykytyuk (Lviv, Ukraine) Transformation operators for Jacobi operators
Mykhailo Mytrofanov (Lviv, Ukraine) Topological problems connected with approximation of continuous functions on Banach spaces
Raimo Näkki (Nakhon Pathom, Finland/Thailand)
Thu Hien Nguyen (Kharkiv, Ukraine) On entire functions from the Laguerre-Polya class having the decreasing second quotients of Taylor coefficients
Zinovii Nytrebych (Lviv, Ukraine) Problem with integral condition for nonhomogeneous equation with Gelfond-Leontiev generalized differentiation
Denys Onypa (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) The cluster sets of quasi-locally stable functions
Vasyl Ostrovskyi (Kyiv, Ukraine) On "all but m" families of projections
Emin Özçağ (Ankara, Turkey) Defining Powers of the composition of Dirac delta and infinitely differentiable function
Selma Özçağ (Ankara, Turkey) Selective versions of countable chain condition in bitopological spaces
Liliia Paliichuk (Kyiv, Ukraine) Dynamics of Weak Solutions for Second-Order Autonomous Evolution Equation with Discontinuous Nonlinearity
Andriy Panasyuk (Olsztyn, Poland) Local bisymplectic realizations of compatible Poisson brackets
Serpil Pehlivan (Isparta, Turkey) Gamma ideal convergence of a sequence of functions
Boris Peleshenko (Dnipro, Ukraine) Almost compressive in the direction mapping and the fixed points
Nataliia Petrechko (Lviv, Ukraine) Dominating polynomial of power series of analytic in a bidisc functions of bounded L-index in joint variables
Aleksey Piven (Kharkiv, Ukraine) Existence and uniqueness of a solution of an initial problem for a linear differential-difference equation in Banach space at the class of exponential type entire functions
Ziemowit Popowicz (Wrocław, Poland ) Lax Representations for Matrix Short Pulse Equations
Mykola Pratsiovytyi (Kyiv, Ukraine) Topological and metric properties of continuous fractal functions related to various systems of encoding for numbers
Nataliya Protsakh (L'viv, Ukraine) On inverse problem of identification of the minor coefficient in ultraparabolic equation
Anatoly Prykarpatsky (Kraków, Poland) The classical M.A. Buhl problem, its Pfeiffer-Sato solutions and the Lagrange-d'Alembert principle for integrable heavenly nonlinear equations
Yarema Prykarpatskyy (Krakow, Poland) The Lax-Sato integrable heavenly equations on functional manifolds and supermanifolds and their Lie-algebraic structure
Yaroslav Prytula (Lviv, Ukraine) Stefan Banach and Lviv Mathematics
Maria Przybylska (Zielona Góra, Poland) Dynamics of rigid bodies with movable points
Petro Pukach (Lviv, Ukraine) TBA
Omar Purtukhia (Tbilisi, Georgia) Integral representations of Brownian functionals
Nazar Pyrch (Lviv, Ukraine) Extensions of the isomorphisms of free paratopological groups
Viacheslav Rabanovych (Kyiv, Ukraine) On linear combinations of four orthogonal projections
Taras Radul (Lviv, Ukraine) On the openness of the idempotent barycenter map
Robert Rałowski (Wrocław, Poland) TBA
Sofia Ratushniak (Kyiv, Ukraine) Distributions of values of fractal functions related to Q2-representation of argument
Stefan Rauch (Linkoping, Sweden) Rattleback versus tippe top. How do they move and why?
Juhani Riihentaus (Vantaa, Finland) Removability results for subharmonic functions, for harmonic functions and for holomorphic functions
Olga Rovenska (Kramatorsk, Ukraine) Approximation of analityc functions by r-repeated de la Vallee Poussin sums
Sevda Sagiroglu Peker (Ankara, Turkey) Distance of convergence in measure on L⁰
Tetyana Salo (Lviv, Ukraine) Entire Dirichlet series and h-measure of exceptional sets
Valerii Samoilenko (Kyiv, Ukraine) Existence of a solution to the inhomogeneous equation with the one-dimensional Schrödinger operator in the space of quickly decreasing functions
Yuliia Samoilenko (Kyiv, Ukraine) Existence of a solution to the inhomogeneous equation with the one-dimensional Schrödinger operator in the space of quickly decreasing functions
Ihor Savchenko (Kyiv, Ukraine) Positive Series the Partial Sumsets of Which Are Cantorvals
Viktor Savchuk (Kyiv, Ukraine) Best Approximation of the Cauchy-Szego Kernel in the Mean on the Unit Circle
Erdoğan Şen (Tekirdag, Turkey) Spectrum, trace and oscillation of a Sturm-Liouville type retarded differential operator with transmission conditions
Evgeny Sevost'yanov (Zhytomyr, Ukarine) On boundary behaviour of ring Q-mappings in terms of prime ends
Enas Shehata Soliman (Shebin El-koom, Egypt) On the Effect of the Fixed Points of Some Types of a Certain Function
Iryna Sheparovych (Drohobych, Ukraine) About a multiple interpolation problem in a class of entire functions with the fast-growing interpolation knots
Tatyana Shevtsova (Kursk, Russia) The functions of completely regular growth in the half-plane
David Shoikhet (Holon, Israel) Old and New in Fixed Point Theory towards Complex Dynamics
Mariia Soloviova (Kharkiv, Ukraine) Quantitative version of the Bishop-Phelps-Bollobas theorem for operators
Yulya Soroka (Kyiv, Ukraine) Mapping class group for special singular foliations on a plane
Nadiya Stasiv (Drohobych, Ukraine) The abscissa of absolute convergence of Dirichlet series with random exponents
Mariia Stefanchuk (Kyiv, Ukraine) Linearly convex functions in a hypercomplex space
Oleh Storozh (Lviv, Ukraine) On solvable extensions of some nondensely defined operators in Hilbert space.
Nataliya Strap (Drohobych, Ukraine) Solvability conditions of nonlocal boundary value problem for the differential-operator equation with weak nonlinearity
Jean-Marie Strelcyn (Paris, France)
Dmytro Strelnikov (Vinnitsya, Ukraine) Boundary Triples for Integral Systems on a Half-line
Filip Strobin (Łódź, Poland) A fixed point theorem for mappings on the l-sum of a metric space
Mykhailo Strutinskii (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) The algebra of symmetric *-polynomials on C2
Elena Sukhacheva (Tomsk, Russia) Criteria for product preservation of uniform continuity for a certain class of uniform spaces
Nataliia Sushchyk (Lviv, Ukraine) On topological conditions in the Marchenko theorem
Yuriy Sydorenko (Lviv, Ukraine) New Bihamiltonian Generalizations of NSE
Mykhaylo Symotyuk (Lviv, Ukraine) Problem with integral condition for nonhomogeneous equation with Gelfond-Leontiev generalized differentiation
Dmytro Sytnyk (Kyiv, Ukraine) Nonlocal problems for abstract parabolic and hyperbolic equations: existence results, numerical methods, applications.
Błażej Szablikowski (Poznan, Poland) TBA
Wojciech Szumiński (Zielona Góra, Poland) Integrability of natural Hamiltonian systems in curved spaces
Vaja Tarieladze (Tbilisi, Georgia) On Stefan Banach's visit to Georgia and two problems posed by him
Olga Tarnovecka (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) On the convergence classes for analytic in a ball functions
Nataliya Terlych (L'viv, Ukraine) Spectral properties of Sturm-Liouville equations with singular energy-dependent potentials
Ahmet Testici (Balikesir, Türkiye) Approximation in Weighted Lebesgue Space With Variable Exponent
Olha Trofymenko (Vinnytsia, Ukraine) Mean value theorems for polynomial solutions of linear elliptic equations with constant coefficients in the complex plane
Andrij Trokhymchuk (Lviv, Ukraine) TBA
Yuriy Trukhan (Lviv, Ukraine) The l-index boundedness of confluent hypergeometric limit function
Volodymyr Tsvigun (Lviv, Ukraine) On exceptional set in Wiman's type inequality for entire functions of several variables
Sibel Turanli (Erzurum, Türkiye) Some Properties of Kahler-Norden-Codazzi Golden Structures on Pseudo-Riemannian Manifolds
Tamer Ugur (Erzurum, Turkey) A work on The Knot Graphs and Its bitopologies
Taras Vasylyshyn (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) Topology on the spectrum of the algebra of entire symmetric functions of bounded type on the complex L∞
Mariya Voitovych (Lviv, Ukraine) Asymptotic behaviour of means of nonpositive M-subharmonic functions
Mykhailo Voitovych (Sloviansk, Ukraine) Integrability of minimizers of variational high order integrals with strengthened coercivity
Myroslava Vovk (Lviv, Ukraine) TBA
Leijie Wang (Shantou, China) The Ergodicity of Dynamical system
Isa Yildirim (Erzurum, Turkey) A new class of contraction in b-metric spaces and applications
Filiz Yildiz (Ankara, Turkey) Takahashi Convexity Structures in q-Hyperconvex Spaces
Başar Yılmaz (Kirikkale, Turkey) Weighted approximation by Picard Operators depending on nonisotropic beta distance
Andriy Zagorodnyuk (Ivano-Frankivsk , Ukraine) Problems related to symmetric analytic functions on Banach spaces
Pawel Zapalowski (Krakow, Poland) Complex geodesics in convex domains and C-convexity of semitube domains
Mykhailo Zarichnyi (Rzeszow, Poland) Max-min measures on compact Hausdorff spaces
Hanaa Zayed (Shebin Elkom , Egypt) Sandwich Results for Higher Order Derivatives of Fractional Derivative Operator
Szymon Żeberski (Wrocław, Poland) TBA
Zurab Zerakidze (Tbilisi, Georgia) The consistent criteria of checking hypotheses for stationary statistical structures
Vladimir Zolotarev (Kharkiv, Ukraine) Model representation of operator pencils
Natalia Zorii (Kyiv, Ukraine) Constrained Gauss variational problems for vector measures associated with a condenser with intersecting plates
Tomasz Łukasz Żynda (Warsaw, Polska) Weighted generalization of the Szego kernel

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