Scientific Seminar Topology and Application


Date Speaker Title
20-May-2019 Taras Banakh
Baire category properties of some function spaces
6-May-2019 Taras Banakh
Selection properties of the split interval and the Continuum Hypothesis
22-Apr-2019 Oleg Pikhurko
(University of Warwick)
The minimum number of triangles in graphs of given order and size
15-Apr-2019 Taras Banakh
Площа поверхні сфери та об'єм кулі
8-Apr-2019 M. Zarichnyi
Topology of the space of persistence diagrams endowed with the bottleneck distance
1-Apr-2019 Taras Banakh
σ-continuous functions and related small uncountable cardinals
18-Mar-2019 Taras Banakh
A metrizable semitopological semilattice with non-closed partial order
11-Mar-2019 Taras Radul
Functional representation of a capacity monad
4-Mar-2019 Alex Ravsky
Two new problems from MathOverflow
25-Feb-2019 Inna Hlushak
Approximations of non-additive measures
18-Feb-2019 M. Zarichnyi
Spaces of persistence diagrams in Topological Data Analysis
11-Feb-2019 All
4-Feb-2019 Taras Banakh
Metrization of functors with finite supports
28-Jan-2019 Taras Banakh
The spread of a topological groups containing an uncountable subspace of the Sorgenfrey line
21-Jan-2019 Taras Banakh
Analytic and banalytic spaces and their applications in Topological Algebra
14-Jan-2019 Taras Banakh
Analytic and banalytic spaces
10-Dec-2018 Taras Banakh
On base zero-dimensional spaces
19-Nov-2018 Iryna Pastukhova
Ditopological Inverse Semigroups
12-Nov-2018 Denys Onypa
Limit sets and oscillation of functions
5-Nov-2018 Taras Banakh
The normality of products of balleans
29-Oct-2018 Taras Banakh
The normality of ball structures on groups
22-Oct-2018 Taras Banakh
The normality of finitary balleans on groups
8-Oct-2018 Agnieszka Bojarska - Sokołowska
(Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie. )
Uniwersytety dziecięce w Polsce i interaktywne nauczanie matematyki.
24-Sep-2018 Taras Radul
On I-baricentrically soft compacta
12-Sep-2018 Dmitry Gavinsky
(Institute of Mathematics of Czech Academy of Sciences)
Entangled simultaneity versus classical interactivity in communication complexity
10-Sep-2018 Dmitry Gavinsky
(Institute of Mathematics in Prague)
Якісні розділення між квантовою і класичною комунікаційною складністю
4-Sep-2018 All
21-May-2018 S.Bardyla
On graph inverse semigroups
14-May-2018 Taras Banakh
A real function is continuous if and only if it has closed graph and is peripherally bounded
7-May-2018 Taras Banakh
A real function is continuous if and only if it has closed graph and a weak Darboux property
23-Apr-2018 Alex Ravsky
(IPPMM, Lviv)
The chromatic number of the plane is at least 5
16-Apr-2018 Taras Banakh
Applying Gutik's hedgehods to recognizing Bokalo regular spaces
2-Apr-2018 Taras Radul
An answer to a question of Zarichnyi
26-Mar-2018 Bogdan Bokalo
Scattered continuity and the hereditary Lindelof number
9-Oct-2017 Serhiy Bardyla
On 0-bisimple inverse semigroups
19-Jun-2017 Taras Banakh
Generalizing Prodanov-Stoyanov Theorem on minimal topological groups
12-Jun-2017 Taras Banakh
Detecting H-closed topological groups
29-May-2017 Serhiy Bardyla
Detecting H-closed semigroups
20-Mar-2017 Taras Banakh
On rulers and difference bases in finite groups
13-Mar-2017 Inna Pozdniakova
On semigroups of partial injective transformations of some partially ordered sets
27-Feb-2017 Serhiy Bardyla
Н-closed topological semigroups and semilattices
20-Feb-2017 All
26-Dec-2016 Bohdan Bokalo
Some open problems related to the weak continuity
12-Dec-2016 Mykhailo Zarichnyi
Self-similar idempotent measures II
5-Dec-2016 Mykhailo Zarichnyi
Self-similar idempotent measures I
28-Nov-2016 Taras Banakh
Separation Axioms in Quasitopological groups
21-Nov-2016 Alex Ravsky
Strongly σ-metrizable spaces are super σ-metrizable
7-Nov-2016 PhD-students
31-Oct-2016 Olena Karlova
Baire one functions depending on finitely many coordinates
24-Oct-2016 Taras Banakh
On Haar-null and Haar-meager sets in Polish groups
10-Oct-2016 All
3-Oct-2016 Ostap Chervak
Color guessing on graphs
26-Sep-2016 Ostap Chervak
On Ramsey trees
5-Sep-2016 Oleg Pikhurko
(University of Warwick)
Measurable circle squaring
5-Oct-2015 Taras Banakh
Closed Steinhaus properties of σ-ideals on Polish groups, II
21-Sep-2015 Taras Banakh
Closed Steinhaus properties of σ-ideals on Polish groups

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