Vyacheslav Babych (Kyiv, Ukraine) Topological Properties of the Open Extension Topology
Taras Banakh (Lviv, Ukraine) Topological spaces with an ωω-base
Serhii Bardyla (Lviv, Ukraine) On the embeddings and closures of the topological λ-polycyclic monoid.
Artur Bartoszewicz (Lodz, Poland) On generating the classical ternary Cantorval
Volodymyr Berezovski (Uman, Ukraine) Geodesic mappings onto symmetric manifolds
Marek Bienias (Lodz, Poland)
Aleksander Błaszczyk (Katowice, Poland) Lattice of Topologies
Bogdan Bokalo (Lviv, Ukraine) On spaces of weakly discontinuous functions
Bartlomiej Bosek (Krakow, Polska) A new variant of the game of cops and rober
Victoria Brydun (Lviv, Ukraine) Preservation of weakly discontinuous functions by topological functors
Asylbek Chekeev (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic ) Epi-reflective hull of all metric uniform spaces class with given weight.
Ostap Chervak (Coventry, Ukraine) Ramsey multiplicity and Ramsey trees
David Chodounsky (Praha, Czech Republic) Covering properties of filters and the Mathias–Prikry forcing
Stanisław Domoradzki (Rzeszów, Poland) The Lwów period in Kuratowski's life
Ryszard Frankiewicz (Warsaw, Poland) On Kuratowski partitions
Szymon Glab (Lodz, Polska) Dense free subgroups of automorphism groups of homogeneous partially ordered sets
Yaroslav Grushka (Kyiv, Ukraine) Changeable Sets and their Possible Applications
Jarosław Grytczuk (Kraków, Warsaw, Poland) Graph Coloring Problems with Number Theoretic Flavor
Igor Guran (Lviv, Ukraine) Sala Weinlös and her doctoral thesis in Lwów University
Oleg Gutik (Lviv, Ukraine) On locally compact semitopological 0-bisimple inverse ω-semigroups
Ivan Hetman (Lviv, Ukraine) Algorithmic geometric problems connected with a manipulator motion
Bohdana Hladysh (Kyiv, Ukraine) Continuation of function, defined on the circle, to optimal Morse function on the surface
Inna Hlushak (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) Almost optimal aproximations of capacities on metric compacta whith capacities from a closed I-convex subspace
Olena Hryniv (Lviv, Ukraine) Metrizability of compact topological pre-Clifford semigroups
Miroslav Hušek (Prague, Czech Republic) Lattices of uniformly continuous functions
Yuriy Ishchuk (Lviv, Ukraine) Zero-divisors graphs of matrix semigroup
Joanna Jureczko (Warsaw, Poland) On Kuratowski partitions
Olena Karlova (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) Extension of Baire-one functions from countable sets
Tumar Kasymova (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic) Epi-reflective hull of all metric uniform spaces class with given weight.
Alexander Kharazishvili (Tbilisi, Georgia) On finite sums of periodic functions
Volodymyr Kiosak (Kyiv, Ukraine) On the Conformal and Geodesic Mappings of Quasi-Einstein Spaces
Nadiya Kolos (Lviv, Ukraine) On spaces of weakly discontinuous functions
Olena Kovalenko (Vinnitsia, Ukraine) Mathematical models of optimization of the electronic information environment
Tomasz Krawczyk (Kraków, Poland) Extending partial representations of trapezoid graphs
Adam Krawczyk (Warsaw, Poland) The Banach-Mazur game for graphs
Sergiy Maksymenko (Kyiv, Ukraine) Deformations of smooth functions on compact surfaces
Kateryna Maksymyk (Lviv, Ukraine) On semitopological interassociates of the bicyclic monoid
Witold Marciszewski (Warszawa, Poland) On weak and pointwise topologies in function spaces
Tetiana Martyniuk (Lviv, Ukraine) Kuratowski monoids of n-topological spaces
Volodymyr Maslyuchenko (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) Contribution of K.Kuratowski to theory of separately continuous of mappings
Vasyl Melnyk (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) The development of Hahn's theorem on the intermediate function
Daria Michalik (Warsaw, Poland) Cones of locally connected curves
Volodymyr Mykhaylyuk (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) Continuous extension from countable sets
Andrzej Nagórko (Warsaw, Poland) On stability of asymptotic property C
Paweł Naroski (Warsaw, Poland) Localization in graphs with colored edges
Vasyl Nesterenko (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) Equi-cliquishness and the Hahn property
Magdalena Nowak (Kielce, Poland) Topological fractals
Oleg Pikhurko (Kenilworth, UK) Spherical sets avoiding a prescribed set of angles
Inna Pozdniakova (Lviv, Ukraine) On the monoid of monotone injective partial selfmaps of N×N with cofinite domains and images
Alexander Prishlyak (Kyiv, Ukraine) Topology of flows with a fixed point on the boundary of 2-manifold
Anatolij Prykarpatsky (Lviv, Ukraine) Hamilton operators and related integrable differential-algebraic Novikov-Leibniz structures
Yaroslav Prytula (Lviv, Ukraine) Kazimierz Kuratowski and his Lviv students
Taras Radul (Bydgoszcz, Poland) Max-Plus convex compacta: a categorical approach
Robert Rałowski (Wrocław, Poland) On midpoint-free subsets of some topological groups
Alex Ravsky (Lviv, Ukraine) Drawing Graphs on Few Lines and Few Planes II
Menachem Shlossberg (Ramat-Gan, Israel) Minimality of the semidirect product
Markiyan Simkiv (Lviv, Ukraine) Interplay between dimensions of micro- and macro-fractals
Ol'ga Sipacheva (Moscow, Russia) Discrete Subsets in Topological Groups and Countable Extremally Disconnected Groups
Oleksandra Sobol (Lviv, Ukraine) Feebly compact topologies on the semilattice expnλ
Yulya Soroka (Kyiv, Ukraine) Homeotopy groups of non-singular foliations on the plane
Filip Strobin (Łódź, Poland) On certain uniformly open multilinear mappings
Paul Szeptycki (Toronto, Canada) Uniform powers of compacta and the proximal game
Piotr Szewczak (Warsaw, Poland) Productively (and non-productively) Menger spaces
Henryk Torunczyk (Warszawa, Poland) Selected mathematical achievements of Kazimierz Kuratowski
Iryna Tytar (Lviv, Ukraine) Periodic Fibonacci words
Myroslava Vovk (Lviv, Ukraine) An example of a non-Borel locally-connected finite-dimensional topological group
Bogdan Węglorz (Warsaw, Poland) On Kuratowski partitions
Tomasz Weiss (Warsaw, Poland) Translations of sets that belong to the ideal of meager null sets
Alexander Wolff (Würzburg, Germany) Drawing Graphs on Few Lines and Few Planes
Piotr Zakrzewski (Warszawa, Poland) Homogeneity properties of a σ-ideal related to a Borel measure
Mykhailo Zarichnyi (Lviv, Ukraine) Hyperspaces of compact convex sets: some new results
Szymon Żeberski (Wrocław, Poland) On midpoint-free subsets of some topological groups
Yuri Zelinskii (Kyiv, Ukraine) Some open topological problems in analysis

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